Saturday, September 24, 2011

Final day........the building

A little "Song and Dance". The trim came in the wrong color, so, at 7 AM on Saturday morning, they are painted it the right color. This will give us a good extra coat of paint of the trim boards.

Holes are cut for the nice skylight and the large Turbo Vent

Tar paper going on over the plywood. The under side of the plywood has the radiant barrier.

Shingles are going up. The color is Amber, but they are a little lighter than I expected. Probably good, may reflect more heat.

The building is finished. The electrician will be in on Monday to do the electrical work.

The crew. Fast and efficient.

I should have closed this door during the inspection. It was open, so none of us noticed. I think they overlooked the inside trip. This picture was taken with the door shut tight. I called, and someone will be here on Monday to correct the gaps.

The door is closed here too, but lots of holes to let in dust and rain. A thunderstorm is building right now, I hope it doesn't fill up the new garage. I have to leave in 3 hours from now, and won't be back for several days. I'm very nervous about how the concrete work will turn out, but will hope for the best. We'll probably have to have a landscaper come in, since none of the other contractors will accept responsibility to clean up the mess.

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