Friday, September 16, 2011

Foundation, footings, slab complete

9/16/11, 5:30 AM.  J & A Concrete just finished the rebar in the bike lift inset.  It's still dark.  The pour is scheduled for 6 AM

Sun isn't up yet.  Garbage truck, cement truck, the pumper truck and the Bobcat are all in the driveway and street.

The  cement will be poured from the truck to the pumping machine.

These 4 inch pipes wil be connected to carry the cement to the forms.

Lots of activity in the street.  I'm sure the neighbors aren't real happy.  Lots of noise.

Sun isn't up yet.  The pumper man is getting the pipes set up.

Sun is about ready to pop up from behind the Music Mountains.  From our back yard.

Getting clots and air locks out of the pipe.  They are almost ready to start

The last connections are made

They drove in spikes to make a stand to keep the transfer pipe off the form
The footings are 12 inches wide and 18 inches high.  The slab will be 4 inches thick.   The forms are "overkill" they footings will be very strong.

The pouring man was very experienced and knew exactly how and where to move the discharge.

Lot bigger job than I thought it would be at first.

Everything has to be timed right to get in all in properly but not dry out too fast.  Things are different in the desert.

The footings were poured all the way around before filling the slab

The bike lift inset added a special pour.  The contractor knew exactly what he was doing, and it turned out fine

The slab is coming in.

Finishing.  Nothing is as easy as it looks!

Roses for the new garage.  Everything turned out good, even with a few minor problems along the way.  That's only normal in about any construction project.  The builder will let it sit and cure, and construction will start on Thursday the 22nd.  By this time next week, it will be mostly finished.  A crew of excellent builders will come in and had it up in about 2 days.  Then we'll deal with the electric contractor, and will finish off with the new driveway and apron to the garage.

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