Wednesday, September 14, 2011

After the rain

 Check the top of the fence.  We have visitors every afternoon.  Big fat quail taking the family for a walk, and checking for food.

 The quail are looking over the new earth.  Oh Yum!  There might be a bug to eat.  But, probably not.

 They decided to inspect the project to see if it meets their requirements.

 Checking out the steel mesh.  This will be covered with cement by Friday aftermoon.  Maybe they will leave a few foot prints before it's hard.

 The City Development in inspector will be here at 8 AM on tomorrow.  If he approves it, the pour is cement pumping is scheduled for 6 AM on Friday morning.  If he finds any problems, there will be time to fix them tomorrow afternoon.

 Most of the work was done by hand, in the mud.  It's dry already and in good shape for the pour.
The white upright piece of PVC on the bottom of this picture will have a 90 degree elbow placed on it, and new pipe will go under the apron for the driveway to water the remaining tree in the back yard.  We turned off the auto bubblers until the project is finished.

 Better picture of the pipe.  This was the main feed for 4 shrubs and 2 trees.  It will now supply just one tree. (and maybe a quail watering box)

This is the form for the inset that will house the Motorcycle lift.  26" wide, 82" long.  We carried the lift all the way from Coos Bay.  Bought the Handy Lift 25 years ago.  It's held a lot of bikes, and hopefully a few more.

 9/14/11.  Two days of rain set back the schedule, but they are back to working on the footings.  Inspection will be tomorrow, and they will pour the foundation on Friday.
The Bobcat is making a muddy mess, but it has to be done.

Filling and leveling for the slab.  After close measuring, the contractor has decided we'll need to use a pumper to pour the cement in for this part.  More money....
We were trying to separate most of the rocks from the dirt so we can re-use them later, but they are getting all mixed up. First rain for months.  At least it's suppose to be totally dry for the next couple of weeks or more.

Digging out the "inset" where the motorcycle lift will go.  The Electricial will be here later today to bury some large conduit for the wires that will go in later.

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