Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Stowing has started

Just counted, I have 22 boxes left to unpack and put away in the garages.

Making progress, probably will have 4 or 5 more of the boxes unpacked before leaving for Yuma on Friday.  Will finish it in the spring.  Finished putting up shelves today, and taking the boxes one at at time.

Took time to wax the Harley today.  Probably will put the cover on it tomorrow.  I'll be using the Burgman and the Dual Sport this Winter.

The corner behind the bike will be the "lube" center.  Nothing in here is finished, The boxes aren't organized, so I have to keep adding to different places as I unpack them.

Added a few old decorations, probably will have all the walls full when finished.

3 full boxes went to the other garage, I didn't want more out here than I need.  The "Freedom" heart was made by my good friends, David and Kay Caton.  I had to find a place to hang it.  David isn't with us any more, but I'm sure he's watching :-)

Choice was to dump them, or put 'em up.  No need to save them in a box. So, as long as there is room, I'll keep them for awhile.   Only one more day to work out here, I'll have all Winter to think about where the rest of the "stuff" will go.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

98% Finished. Last Pictures

Will be working out here until we leave for Yuma

All the items won't be stored, I have several boxes full of flea market items already, and there will be more

By this time next year, it will be all in working order

The difficult construction is over, now it's just finishing some things and getting stuff put away where I'll remember where it is :-)
Front of the house garage.  Just have to add tools to the peg board, put up some shelves on a side wall, add a few more decorations, and it will be finished.
Now that the new "bike vault" is finished, work started the he "house" garage.  I bought the lumber and built this 6' long work bench.  This garage will be used for household repairs tools and parking the truck and van.

First test to get in both vehilces.  Now to get the storage cabinets organized, put up a peg board, and fill the tool box up (box is a Craftsman bench with drawers in front of the pickup.
Getting ready to tape the sheet rock.  November 3, 2011.  The garage is 98% finished today.  Need some "quarter inch adjustable" putty, a little white paint,  some shims on under the cabinets, and the peg board put back up and it's totally done.  It won't be organized until we return from Yuma in the Spring.  Will work on the house garage now so we can get both cars into it before we leave.

Last coat of gypsum before installing the cabinets

"Dennis" was hired to help with the drywall and getting the cabinets in. We worked pretty hard all day on it.  Pat came out for an inspection.

I bought the cabinets used.  The previous owner wasn't very careful taking them out, so we had to do a lot of work making them useable.  They turned out fine.  I couldn't have done it by myself, was very happy to have Dennis there to do all the sheet rock and most of the cabinet assembly.  I just helped where I could.

Found this small cabinet in a thrift shop, but it didn't have a top, So, cut down an extra shelf and glued it on.  The bike jack is holding it down until morning for the liquid nails to cure.

This one sort of fell apart went we loaded it on the trailer to get it here.  It's almost back together again.

Dennis had a construction business in his younger days.  Then owned a bar and restaurant for about 20 years.  He sold it and is back to doing "handyman" jobs.  Very reasonable too, he charges only $15 an hour, or will work by the job.  Very glad for the help.

Rolled in the tool box and large work bench.

Dennis left awhile ago, so I'm getting the feel of it.  Need to go buy a mop to clean the gypsum residue from the floor.  Tomorrow I'll finish the trim and paint and putty. Then will start stacking boxes of tools and garage item in the middle of the floor to stay for the winter.

Will put up some shelve over the workbench on the other side, but with those and these cabinets, it should hold most of the stuff I had in Coos Bay.  I plan to get rid of a lot of things I don't really need or use any more.

Will put another stackable set of shelved on the taupe colored cabinet.  That will hold lube oil and filters.

The larger work bench will have the back lined with nut and bolt plastic cabinets. The small bench in front of the bike will be for neat, clean small jobs.  There will be peg board on the wall above the bench, and possible 2 more small wall mounted cabinets above the get board.

Not a lot of room, but enough

I'll add one more after the shelves and peg board is up, but for now, this is "The End"

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Only 3 more days!

Now that the floor is hard, the insulation went in today on the walls.  Sheet rock is 1/3 done.  Tomorrow the rest of the sheet rock will go up, and be fire taped.  Some interior trim will be added too.

Dennis owned a Bar and Restaurant for 20 years, but is now back to construction.  He's fast and doesn't charge as much as some.  And, he's doing a good job.

Just before he left for the day, we got the Bike lift in.  Perfect fit!  I'll paint it when everything else is done.  6 large cabinets, 4 small ones, and a work bench will go in before Friday.  Then the final pictures of this blog will go up.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

ALMOST finished!

Bikers Against Droopy Drawers would  have a problem with the pants :-)  But, he's really a nice guy and hard worker.  The last day of the floor is finished.

Hauling 6 used cabinets, staging them in the house garage.  Hired Marcus to help today, put in 7 hard hours, but we got a lot moved, and some other things out of storage

We won't be able to park in the garage for about a week now

Pat found our first Scorpion!  It was in Scorpion heaven, probably from the stuff the exterminator sprayed a couple days ago.  It was outside on the patio.  Hopefully we won't see any "live" ones!
Very thick epoxy, and a nice coat of color chips

Ready to wrap it up of Sunday.  Monday they will be back to put on 2 clear coats

Julie and her friend (thanks, Ronda) are enjoying the NASCAR race while I've been out checking the garage progress.  I can join them now.
Special footware for walking on the fresh epoxy. He's mixing the catalyst with the epoxy now, getting ready for the second coat.
Sunday morning, the crew is here for another coat.

Hard to believe it's even going to be better than this!

Adding the chips.  White, black, and gray.

Adding epoxy and chips.
Pat's brother, Richard, pulled this camp trailer down with his Goldwing.  He isn't feeling well, so don't know how much riding we'll be doing as planned.

First coat of Epoxy!!  Tomorrow another coat will go on, and the white, black and gray chips will be added. Then on Monday, two coats of clear  Polyurethane will go on.  Then the fiberglass insulation and sheet rock will go on, the cabinets will go in, and it will be finished!  May be too nice to park a dirty old motorcycle in. 

The sky is about the same color as the floor.  The floor guy taped the doors for just the right amount of ventilation,  but enough to keep dust and bugs out tonight.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Landscaping & Epoxy floor

Although not exactly a part of the garage project, the land scaping is a result of the new driveway. So, I'll put some pics of the front in here, and will do the back when we get the patio set up.

We could decorate the little Christmas trees before we leave for Yuma, the turn them on in December with a remote switch :-)

We put a bench and pots in front of the guest room.  Probably won't sit on it much, but it looks nice.  Will be adding some color in the Spring.  I'll shop in Mexico :-)

We have a LOT of cement.  I love cement, you don't have to mow it!

The front is pretty much finished for now.  Lots of new pink coral rock was added, and each plant is on a auto drip watering system.

I'll be painting the gate next spring.  Not bad, but needs to be freshened up.

Will leave the door open for the next couple of days so all the moisture of today will flash off before the epoxy goes in.

First warranty job.  The motion/light sensor security light quit working correctly.   The electrical contractor brought out a new one and replaced it.  Robbie did a fine job, and is a real nice person to work with.

This picture is for Janet.  She'll know why..LOL...

We decided we really didn't want a hot tub.  Lots of maintenance, extra electricity, and we'll be gone all winter when you would use it the most anyway.  So, it's going away.

Very cool special trailer, designed just for transporting a Spa

Removing the wiring.  Had 220v for the heater, and 110v for the two pumps. Nice Spa, but Pat wasn't the least bit interested in it, and I can use one at the Health Club if I want.  So, we'll be able to fix up the Patio a little nicer now.

All empty.  They pumped the water out at a high volumn, watered the tree very good.  The 4 of us were able to slide it to the trailer, he's using a winch here to pull it all the way on.  We rolled the trailer by hand to get it out to the truck.  It's gone!

Toby Garcia, owner of Hang Time out of Lake Havasu City is here now to prepare the floor for an Epoxy finish.  They start by sweeping, grinding and blowing the dust out.

Toby brought a helper and a lot of equipment.  They are experts in installing this type of floor

After pressure washing with water and drying some, they are ready to put on the acid.  The small hose is an eductor, it picks up the acid and puts it on under pressure.

The acid has been sprayed on.  Still working to make sure everything is covered

Toby "sweeps" it in even more with this special brush.  Next step will be a Sealer/Bonder, they it will have to sit for a day or two.

Mixing the Sealer/Bonder

Toby has some nice Tats!!!  Check the size of those Guns!  I'd sure want Toby on my side!

This job is costing a little more than we anticipated, but it's VERY nice to have people that know what they are doing.  The material he uses is industrial, better than what they sell at Lowe's or Home Depot. And, these guys know how to do the job correctly.  I'm very happy we made the decision to hire Hang Time.

Rainbird irrigation expert and design landscaper.  Mike Graham is the Grandson of the business owner.  He's been to several schools and is the "new generation" of Graham Landscaping.   The original wiring from the control box wasn't done correctly, it is now.  Drip and bubblers front and back are all on timers.

Valves all rewired and tested.  You won't see any of this when it all finished.

We're moving the large rock to the back, and will make this section look better

Mr. Graham has been in business here in Kingman for many years.  Rock work, landscaping, Pools and Spas.  He came highly recommended.

The second truck load of pink coral decorative rock.  It's really not pink, but looks nice. Most homes on this street use about the same material.

18 October 2011.  They are working early.   Hope to be all finished front and back today.  The Epoxy crew should be here any minute.  They are coming up from Lake Havasu  City