Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Stowing has started

Just counted, I have 22 boxes left to unpack and put away in the garages.

Making progress, probably will have 4 or 5 more of the boxes unpacked before leaving for Yuma on Friday.  Will finish it in the spring.  Finished putting up shelves today, and taking the boxes one at at time.

Took time to wax the Harley today.  Probably will put the cover on it tomorrow.  I'll be using the Burgman and the Dual Sport this Winter.

The corner behind the bike will be the "lube" center.  Nothing in here is finished, The boxes aren't organized, so I have to keep adding to different places as I unpack them.

Added a few old decorations, probably will have all the walls full when finished.

3 full boxes went to the other garage, I didn't want more out here than I need.  The "Freedom" heart was made by my good friends, David and Kay Caton.  I had to find a place to hang it.  David isn't with us any more, but I'm sure he's watching :-)

Choice was to dump them, or put 'em up.  No need to save them in a box. So, as long as there is room, I'll keep them for awhile.   Only one more day to work out here, I'll have all Winter to think about where the rest of the "stuff" will go.

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