Saturday, October 22, 2011

ALMOST finished!

Bikers Against Droopy Drawers would  have a problem with the pants :-)  But, he's really a nice guy and hard worker.  The last day of the floor is finished.

Hauling 6 used cabinets, staging them in the house garage.  Hired Marcus to help today, put in 7 hard hours, but we got a lot moved, and some other things out of storage

We won't be able to park in the garage for about a week now

Pat found our first Scorpion!  It was in Scorpion heaven, probably from the stuff the exterminator sprayed a couple days ago.  It was outside on the patio.  Hopefully we won't see any "live" ones!
Very thick epoxy, and a nice coat of color chips

Ready to wrap it up of Sunday.  Monday they will be back to put on 2 clear coats

Julie and her friend (thanks, Ronda) are enjoying the NASCAR race while I've been out checking the garage progress.  I can join them now.
Special footware for walking on the fresh epoxy. He's mixing the catalyst with the epoxy now, getting ready for the second coat.
Sunday morning, the crew is here for another coat.

Hard to believe it's even going to be better than this!

Adding the chips.  White, black, and gray.

Adding epoxy and chips.
Pat's brother, Richard, pulled this camp trailer down with his Goldwing.  He isn't feeling well, so don't know how much riding we'll be doing as planned.

First coat of Epoxy!!  Tomorrow another coat will go on, and the white, black and gray chips will be added. Then on Monday, two coats of clear  Polyurethane will go on.  Then the fiberglass insulation and sheet rock will go on, the cabinets will go in, and it will be finished!  May be too nice to park a dirty old motorcycle in. 

The sky is about the same color as the floor.  The floor guy taped the doors for just the right amount of ventilation,  but enough to keep dust and bugs out tonight.

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