Monday, October 3, 2011


The rain came just as they finished the pour. It's partly worked, but still a ways to go before it's all finished off. Waiting for the rain storm to pass.

Wouldn't you know! An unusual storm, followed by drizzling rain. If it dried out too much before they can finish working it, don't know what they will do. This is not a good thing.

10/4/11. All the cement should be finished off today. They started pouring at 1st light.

10 yards wasn't enough to finish up the driveway. The truck had to go get more. Looks like the total will be 35 yards for the whole job.

That's it! Now, they will finish it off. Expansion cuts will be made in the new cement between the house and the block wall, then can't get the long handled tool in to make the grooves.

Rain water inside the new garage. The manager was out already this morning, they will be doing several things on the building that wasn't done correctly the first time. With a 5 year warranty, I think they will get it all right in time.

Still see light around the door. This is after they told me they came and fixed it while we were gone.

The left side is the worst. Looks like the frame needs to be adjusted, then some caulking added.

Finished on this part. There was just a hard rain shower a few minutes ago, and it looks like it didn't do any damage to the fresh cement.

There was a lot of water on the floor. I ddn't think to take a picture until it was all dried up.

We added a foot to the walk wat to the patio. I thought 3' would be wide enough, but after seeing the form, decided to go with 4 feet from the man door to the house. It's not finished yet, rained on the fresh pour, but dried out enough to make a nice finish before we had another storm pass through.

About 5" thick on the average. Strongest pour we could get, with glass fibers added to make it even stronger. Don't want it to crack when I ride the Harley up the drive way.

Finishing cement is hard work. These guys deserve a break. Because of the rain shower, it added more time and effort to get it looking right.

Surveying the back lot.

The finish wasn't done yet here, but the cement is about ready for it now. The electricity is in and working, only think left there is a switch I wanted to add, will be done tomorrow. The door needs to be re-set, that's tomorrow too. And, they will make the last pour in the morning on the drive. Total of around 33 yards for the whole job. Only a few more days and it will be wrapped up. Last thing will be the landscaper coming in to clean up everything and make it look good from the street.

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